Creative collaboration is at the heart of the Ruff Tung brand, inspiring a collection that empowers the contemporary woman.

Casual sophistication is always the focus of our design as we draw inspiration and energy from the women we dress.

Our design ethos is to celebrate and reflect authentic women and because of this the Ruff Tung Brand has naturally evolved to be more size inclusive. Our collections are designed to flatter curves and to find the right balance between comfort & style, while remaining true to our brand heritage through the celebration of bold statement colours and prints.
So often we hear women saying that they are working towards their “ultimate goal weight” but our brand mantra has always been “live your best life now”. A positive self-image is all about confidence and we’ve come to understand how to create pieces that really work for women with curves. Our aim is for all women to experience fashion in the same way, without compromising on the ultimate fashionable look.

As designers, we’re inspired by these confident, contemporary women who live full and complex lives. Our size inclusive collection aims to empower them to do just that.


Ruff Tung has been around since 1999. The original founder was Paul Botha, who was a mentor to both Bridget and Ludwig. South African-born Bridget moved back to Cape Town from London in 2012. Paul and Ludwig were working on the business in Durban, and Bridget joined the team.

The goal was to transform a niche occasion-wear brand into a retail-ready one. Paul has passed away, but Bridget and Ludwig remain co-designers and co-owners of the business and the brand DNA is still alive and kicking.