Lynda Marion Jewellery

I’m an Artisan Silversmith based in Cape Town. My jewellery journey started as a hobby when I moved to the Middle East with my husband, and has blossomed into my third career, starting in Saudi Arabia, then Abu Dhabi, UAE and now in Cape Town. 

My jewellery is all solid sterling silver with gold sometimes used as an accent in my designs. I make jewellery that I like to wear, not your "everyday type" of jewellery.

Authenticity is very important to me - so nothing is plated or vermeil, and the stones are all genuine stones, sourced from all over the world.

My designs reflect the type of jewellery I would like to wear. I believe that its unnecessary to have lots of jewellery, but that the pieces  I wear should make a statement and complement my clothes. I also think it’s important for the jewellery to reflect the personality of the wearer.