Katmeleon Jewellery

Katharina Barth’s Cape Town studio is a treasure trove of plants and dainty watercolours, different metals and beautiful pieces of jewellery in all stages of production. The finished ones – buffed to a shiny sheen – are displayed in a glass case, and are a feast for anyone with a penchant for quirky and cool design. Katharina, the owner of Katmeleon Jewellery, makes beautiful rings, pendants and bracelets in a variety of motifs, from cacti and delicious monsters to flamingos. 

The whole Cactus Range started through my mother’s love for gardening.We had a vast range of cacti in our garden and it will always be a good memory. I also grew to love the artist Frida Kahlo, who had a whole theme of bright and bold colours and of course being Mexican, the cactus featured prominently in her life. I think once I started with the Cactus Range, the other ranges just owed from there.

My jewellery is aimed at a variety of women. Some of my pieces I would say are safer and understated, whereas others are bolder and brighter. So my aim is to target a range of tastes. I have customers of all age groups and all nationalities. It makes me smile when I hear my pieces are off to Hong Kong, Germany, or even just locally. It must mean that I am reaching a whole spectrum of styles, which is what I am aiming to do. I myself do not stick to a certain style every day, much like a chameleon changes its colours.