Aurora was founded in 2019 by Mandy Morrow and this was born out of a love of fashion, style and all things related. Mandy especially loved how accessories could take something relatively simple and make it magnificent and this was the thing that excited her.
Initially this was a hobby and jewellery was made for her own enjoyment but this began to snow ball and in early 2020 Mandy decided to take the plunge and leave her corporate job and dive into the unknown of being and entrepreneur.
Today she is continuing to sell accessories that are personally designed or chosen by her and each accessory that is sold is still personally touched by her before it gets to its final home assuring quality and attention to detail. 
Majority of the products are locally produced by a talented network of previously disadvantaged crafters from rural KZN to Jozi with proceeds uplifting families and communities meaning you get to look good and do good!